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Members can reserve 30 minute cage time everyday, unlimited!

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5 cages equipped with everything needed to take quality swings!

     3 cages 45 ft long / 14 ft wide!  

Each cage has its own Hack Attack Jr pitching machine and ball feeder for more swings and less time picking up.  Do you want to get an edge on your training?  Rent HitTrax for your workout. 

    1 cage 30 ft long / 14 ft wide!

Dial in your swing with tee work, soft toss, dry swings, and many other drills provided by our coaches.

    1 cage 58 ft long / 20 ft wide!

Receive an individual lesson, join our HitTrax leagues or tournaments, and get an idea if you're driving the gaps or hitting soft line-drives. Also using a Hack Attack pitching machine and ball feeder, work on hitting multiple types of pitches at different speeds.



Located at the south east corner of the facility

The Bullpen at The Yard will consist of 5 individual lanes for pitching.  Each mound can be easily moved to the desired length.  Or for you softball pitchers, grab a portable mound and put it in the pre determined length, no tape measures required!  Bring your catcher if you choose but not needed.  Each lane will have a 9 hole pitching target to dial in hitting your spots on command.  Want you see how hard you throw?  

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