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At The Yard we believe competition breeds excellence.  Our camps and leagues are designed to help each individual in a group setting.  Working with your peers towards a common goal of becoming better ball players plays a huge role in the growth of each child on the ball field and most importantly, in life!


A Seasons Worth of Swings in 6-8 Weeks

Come compete with your teammates in a fast paced live ball game.  Using the most current technology of todays game, join us for a fun and exciting way to play ball.  Each game will last approximently 20 minutes with teams of 4-5 players. Games will be played weekly, and will last 8-10 weeks.  Don't be the last team to sign up as spots are limited!

Member Practices


At The Yard we want of offer ball players a place to practice with or without there coaches or parents.  On a weekly basis there will be a time for all members to come in a receive great coaching from The Yard at no additional cost

Camps and Leagues: Facilities
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To see upcoming camps, follow our Facebook Page @ The Yard.

The Yard's weekend camps will be an extension of the weekly mini-camps.  With some of the best coaches that Salina has to offer we will dive deeper into the skills that will get your ball players ready for long weekends and championship games!  These camps will be broken down into age groups where they can compete with ball players of their same skill levels.  Members will receive first dibs to enter as well as discounted pricing.

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Youth League

We have created a league for ages 4–7-year-olds.  Our league helps youth players learn the necessary skills to help their futures as ball players!  Sign-ups start February of each year!

Pro Ball Camp

E​ach year we have the pleasure of bringing current and ex major league baseball coaches to Salina to teach coaches and players all they have learned over their combined 50+ years of professional coaching experience.

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